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My journal, complete from the evening of Penfol's death to the current day.





            I have completely failed the people of Reikwalds and the Halfling innkeeper, Penfol Bottomwick, paid for my failure with his life.

            I'm going to drink an entire bottle of wine now.

            Good night, Diary!



            Oh, gods, why did I do that!

            In my studies I have heard it mentioned in folklore that an additional drink of the same substance that caused the hangover can alleviate the effects of a hangover.

            I must learn the truth of this today.


            Despite my weakened condition I was able to convince the populace of Reikwalds to evacuate with us to the Three Feathers Inn. We've left the town, and are currently camping on the road.

            Still hung over.



            Setting out for the Three Feathers Inn. Still hung over. Need more wine.


            We've arrived at the inn and have set up the people of Reikwalds in the stable, as there is insufficient room in the inn for them all. This will only function as a temporary measure.

            ...Have more wine.



            I awaken to the tastes of wine and failure. It's been 2 days since the gaps in my knowledge resulted in the death of Penfol. 2 days since I was forced to withdraw in the face of the unknown. Yes I was able to convince the surviving townsfolk to remove themselves from further harm; but that option should not have been required.

            We've learned from the map that we recovered of further skystone shards in the area. We intend to start investigating the other locations in an attempt to locate further clues.

            This lack of information is maddening! It's intolerable! I don't even know what equipment I will require in order to resolve this curse. And if I knew, I don't have the means to obtain it. Regardless of my complaints, valid though they are, we must set out after breakfast. The Three Feathers Inn is not provisioned to provide for an extended stay of the populace of Reikwalds.

            I have penned a letter with my notes and theories on the Reikwalds incident and will give it to the innkeeper, with the instructions that he give it to the authorities when they arrive.


            That was unexpected. Too much to think about right now. I need to collect my thoughts before I attempt to pen an exhaustive entry of the day's events lest it be disjointed or incomplete.



            A source of information regarding events surrounding the skystone has become available to me. Still collating. A more exhaustive entry will be made this evening.


            Shortly after we set out yesterday I learned that I was being stalked! Fortunately it was no nefarious force, but my brother. He approached me in his owl form and alighted on my arm. Staring into my eyes, he used his mindspeech to demand that I accompany him. Being a dutiful student, I complied.

            What followed was a two-day ‘crash course’ in the properties and history of previous skystones, with a supplementary class in curses.  Curses, of course, are beyond my current ability to combat. Regardless the information was interesting. The amount of information available on the skystones was immense, and stationary, so I have transcribed as much as possible. I could have  noted down more if I had more time, but the rest of my party is continuing on with their adventure and they will be completely overmatched without my assistance. I can only hope that something in my notes about the previous skystone encounters applies to this occurrence. The skystones themselves are often dissimilar in makeup and magical properties. Indeed, they seem as aptly numerous as stars in the sky.

            My brother has gifted me with a scroll that will allow me (if successfully cast) to enchant one weapon with the ability to harm the creature in the town. Between that and my own abilities, hopefully we can defeat it. He will return me to the party tomorrow. I hope I find them well.

(Following this entry are notes on the history and magical properties of 28 skystone encounters stretching back over several hundred years, whether any of this data will assist me is up to you)


This morning my brother returned me to my party, and we continued on with our adventure.
Upon returning to the group I was shocked to learn that, while I was away, Odric had killed a Troll with
one hit! He was now wearing both halves of the beast’s skull as pauldrons. Additionally, we’d added
three other adventurers to our band. The group had already inspected the first two mine sites, and were
now heading to the final site. On our way there we encountered a small Goblin outpost. I was content to
let it be, but they had a captive – a Dwarf. It may be a female… I admit my limited exposure to them
makes it difficult for me to make a determination.
The battle was mercifully short, but Nogrond was badly wounded. We freed the new Dwarf and
recovered a Goblin map which pointed us to a larger Goblin settlement. However, we’re now in too bad
of a shape to continue onto it. We’re returning to the Inn to heal.
In gratitude for our rescue, we now have a spare Dwarf.
COMBAT NOTE: Goblins have a well-earned fear of Elves.


We’ve made it back to the inn safely, and the village healer has determined that Nogrond will
need a week’s rest. Additionally, the inn is low on supplies.


We now have a week to wait until we can continue with our adventures. During the downtime, the
party will be heading to the nearest town to obtain supplies for the Inn. I have volunteered to stay behind
and watch over Nogrond while he rests. I hope to use this downtime to read over the grimoire of Light
spells that I obtained from my master during my visit. He’d taken one look at the grimoire I’d recovered
from the town and practically begged me to forfeit it to him – apparently it contained dark magic. I was
more than happy to comply, especially once he offered me a replacement!


Our week of downtime is over, finally! I look forward to taking to the field of battle again. I’ve
finished my reading of the grimoire and feel that I have a firm grasp on the spells contained within. Now
I just need to improve my abilities to the point where I can learn them. We’re going to head back towards
the 3rd mine / Goblin camp area and go from there.

Evening (Late):
Penning a quick entry before heading (back) to bed. After camping for the evening, our night
watchmen spied mounted figures with torches some distance away, heading to the Goblin camp that we’d
cleared out. We quickly equipped ourselves for battle and moved to intercept them. After all, we
couldn’t have word getting back to the main settlement that we were in the area.
We surprised the dog-riders and their mounts while they were still examining the camp, and
dispatched them quickly.
Heading back to bed now.


We’ve decided to take the battle to the main Goblin encampment. They will soon notice the loss
of their camp and their outriders, and will go on alert. The time to strike is now. Hopefully, I’ll have an
evening entry.

The main camp had a large population of Goblins, and – I believe it’s called – a Swamp Troll. I
started the battle by distracting a large portion of the camp with a Glowing Lights spell – it wasn’t much,
but I think it pulled enough of them out of position to give us the edge we needed in the opening seconds.
Only a few of them remained behind on our side of the camp, and we fell upon them like a crashing wave.
By the time the rest of the camp had noticed us, we were already in position.
The Troll itself was the biggest threat, and unfortunately Odric was unable to replicate his earlier
feat. I attempted to be a hero, and was almost slain outright for my foolishness. Nogrond continued his
run of bad luck, as when the Troll finally fell, it landed on the poor Dwarf and killed him. Given the
forces we stood against I suppose we should be grateful that only one of us fell. Still, Nogrond was one
of my original two companions – Dwarf or not he will be missed.
I suppose I should make an effort to learn Replacement Dwarf’s name.
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Journal Entry 12,966

The replacement Dwarf
Why should I ask for her name
She will be dead soon

A pointless trident
Healing draughts quickly used up
Staff I can’t I.D.

Opening the mine
Useful things likely looted
By the Goblin horde

A new focus gleams
Taking it will unleash hell
But what other choice

Spiders spiders spi-
Ders spiders spiders spiders
Fail Fail Fail Fail Fail

We were almost slain
And for very little gain
I still can’t cast it

Replacement Wizard
I know how this story goes
See you soon Norgrond

Strong plate armor found
Warriors thrilled but I note
It did not help him

Don’t pick up wierdstone
And put it in your backpack
You dumb ass human

Now a sword, a chance
Another weapon against
The Ghost. We’re still doomed

The final spider
It has my horse, have fun all
I’ll just sit right here

Another day gone
Staring at the road ahead

It’s Lacy Muggins
If she survives the party
The Ghost will kill her

Unguarded bottles
I am nothing, and am doomed
Drink till I forget

They think I’m asleep
I sit in the fog and hope
The Ghost kills me first

This is not fair, no
Lacy Muggins is too new
I should have been first


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Journal Entry 12,967

I... I left them.  My party.  My responsibility.  I left them all to die! 

We went to the dark wizard's tower.  Golems, gargoyles, demons.  They did not faze me.

But beyond the portal, the plane of chaos.  Something in me just... snapped.  I couldn't handle it.  Learning the truth of how small and weak I am.  I have no business adventuring.  I should go back to the library.  Maybe... they probably wouldn't take me back in, knowing how I've failed at life.

My allies died in that tower.  Died due to my weakness.  And I fled from them when I could have helped.  And in dying, in failing, something was released.  I caught a whiff of it on the winds of Magic.  Something powerful and evil now stalks the land due to my failure.

I managed to rescue the party's mule on my way out.  After all my other failures I couldn't leave it to die as well.  We're heading to Middenheim, the town where we bought gear and supplies for the townspeople.  I'll probably stay there for a few days to recover, then maybe I'll head back to the college.



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Journal Entry 12,968


I've reached Middenheim and have rented a room at one of the inns.  I need to think for a while.


I just don't know if I can do this any more.  I've failed everyone.  Penfol died, Norgond died, Odric, the entire rest of my party.  How can I go back out there when I'm responsible for the loss of my whole adventuring party?  Part of me thinks that some of them may have lived... but it's not like they'd take me back after I abandoned them.  I don't deserve their company.