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The Rules
« on: January 14, 2014, 12:03:22 AM »
Battleground currently allows its community members to trade, sell, and offer to buy used models and pieces through the message boards.  Here are the rules:

1) All transactions for used or second hand models through the message boards (and/or the store) must be done for store credit or traded straight up.

2) Failure to make it clear in your post that you are only looking for store credit (or straight up trades) will result in your post being removed.

3) Do not list your email or phone number in your post.

4) You and the person you're doing business with are fully responsible for everything that happens from the beginning to the end of your transaction.  Battleground and its employees can not and will not be responsible for damaged models, incorrect models, incorrect store credits, miscommunication, etc.

5) List in your post which store you wish to use as your meeting place (assuming you are not willing or able to get to both stores).

6) Battleground will hold models or pieces for the person that is supposed to come pick them up for 7 days.  After 7 days, if no one has come to claim them and no one has been in touch with the store about the models, we will no longer guarantee their "safety." 
(Reading between the lines here:  We don't want to be holding your stuff for weeks.  It doesn't look great and adds to an already cluttered "behind the counter" area. After 7 days without communication they may be moved, discarded, given to kids that think they're cool, or vanish into thin air.)

7) When dropping stuff off, people should package their stuff up appropriately.  Please include a "To:" and "From:" as well as the amount that person is expected to pay for the stuff.  Making sure the "To/From" tag isn't going to fall off is a good idea too.  (No post-its).

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