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Hey guys I have a good amount of stuff I would like to trade or sell

 retail value on this lot is $512.25  Almost everything is bare plastic except the sorceress I would like $215 in store credit

1.) 7th Ed Dark Elves Army Book
2.) Dark Elf Sorceress (Plastic)
3.) Lokhir Fell Heart (Metal)
4.) 5x Cold one Knights (Partly Assembled)
5.) 40x Corsairs (20x Assembled 10x NoS 10x Need some fixes) (6 right sword arms missing)
6.) 40x Repeater Crossbow Elves (Partly assembled)
7.) 2x Hydras (Finecast)
8.) 2x Reaper bolt throwers (Finecast Need some Love)
9.) Assassin (Finecast)
10.) 2x OOP Mounted Sorceress (No Mounts)

****I would like to swap some 40k Bases I have for fantasy ones I need 5x or the new juggernaut sized bases I have the 40k equal and I have 2x of the large riptide sized bases

Things I would like In Trade or Trade/Store Credit

1.) Changling (Metal)
2.) Plague Bearers (Plastic Non Command)
3.) Blood Crushers
4.) Beasts of Nurgle
5.) Plague Drones
6.) Blood Thirster
7.) Great unclean one
8.) Soul Grinder
I will consider just about any current models or current sculpt metals

1.) Plastic Greatswords (Non Command)
2.) Unassembled General Kits
3.) Mounted Wizards

I play
WHFB- Dwarves
WH40K- Tyranids
Bolt Action- US Paratroopers
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