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Hey guys I have the following for trade/Store credit though
It is with a heavy heart I let this army go. I have been working on it for quite awhile and you will basically need nothing to play since I have just about everything thats remotely competitive. I am looking for $700 credit or best offer on the lot or a Large army swap with credit on top or multi army swap. I would be interested in Warriors of chaos or Lizardmen mainly. Retail on the Empire Lot is $1700 I will consider parting out Large Lots only (Disclaimer: Please don't expect anything more then 40% off retail from me in split lots almost all of this stuff is in great condition this was meant to be my pride and joy army and at $700 credit for the army I am already basically giving a grand of stuff away)

1.) Empire General on Griffon (Bare)
2.) Steam Tank (Bare)
3.) Steam Tank (Metal Needs Strip)
4.) 30x Greatswords (NoS)
5.) Hurricanum (NoS)
6.) 10x Demi Gryphs (4x based/magnetized well can't see the magnets at all 4x bare 2x NoS)
7.) 60x Halberdiers (20x NoS 10x bare 10x primed 10x partly painted 10x partly assembled or in need of minor repair)
8.) Arch Lector on War Altar (Based)
9.) 2x Cannons (Partly Painted)
10.) HelBlaster
11.) 50x Swordsmen (Current)
12.) Empire captain on foot (Metal Sword and Board Partial paint)
13.) Luther Huss (Bare Metal)
14.) 2x General Kits worth of heros
15.) 2x Foot Mages
16.) 2x Mounted Mages
17.) 1x Peg Captain
18.) 32x Knights give or take a few (Most in great condition a few need some repairs but I have all the bitz to do so
19.) Witch Hunter (Bare)
20.) 2x Warrior Priests on foot
21.) Marcus wulfhart (needs minor bow repair)
22.) 20x Archers
23.) 40x Greatswords (Partly Painted Mix of Metal and Plastics)
24.) Army book (Current)
25.) Ludwig Shwartzhelm (Metal Needs Strip)
This Lot also will include all my Empire related Bitz which is a ton of bitz There is also a bunch of extra models here and there that i didnt bother to add to the list or the retail value

RETAIL $1700

I will consider Multiple army swaps for my empire as I understand its a large lot I will consider the following other armies (Skaven only Current),(Tombkings)(Vampire counts Current only)

1.) 18x Chaos Warriors with Halberds (Current would prefer actual Halberds no conversions)
2.) Chariots (regular and Gorebeast)
3.) Trolls (The Orc and Goblin ones)
4.) Khorne Lord on Juggy (Metal with helmet head)
5.) Khorne Lord on Foot (Axe and Shield helmet head no finecast)
6.) Chimera
7.) Daemon Prince (Current plastic)
8.) Skull Crushers
9.) Marauder Horsemen
10.) I will consider anything Current (NO HUNCHIES) lol

1.) Slann Mage Priest (Current would prefer metal but a good finecast scuplt will be fine)
2.) Skink Priest with feather cloak
3.) 10x Temple guard (No command plastics)
4.) Ancient steg with blowpipes
5.) Chameleon skinks
6.) Blowpipe skinks
7.) ripperdactyls
8.) I will consider other stuff too the is current scuplts
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Re: H: Lots of Fantasy Stuff W:WoC/LM/Store Credit
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I highly reccomend the flesh hounds if anyone's thinking about dabbling in Demonology.
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I continue to find things to add to the list of empire stuff get it while its hot! hahaha I can meet in plainville pretty much whenever
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