Author Topic: H: MtG W: something else... or BG bucks  (Read 1066 times)


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H: MtG W: something else... or BG bucks
« on: February 05, 2015, 02:06:32 PM »
Hiya guys!

Got some unopened "Born of the Gods" fatpacks from when I thought about getting back into Magic.  It never happened, so I would love to trade or sell for credit.

For trade, I would be interested most stuff, pretty much any condition:

Warhammer Fantasy:
any elves (high, wood, dark since they might be all the same next edition!)
OOP metal characters (any army, I just like to paint cool models)
monsters (again, fun to paint!)
terrain (mordheim, mdf, resin, plastic, whatever!)

anything space marine
OOP metal characters (again, any army, they should just be cool)

Pretty much anything!

Privateer Press:
Pretty much anything!  Especially Cygnar, Skorne, Mercs or Minions

Cool games (especially Dreadball, Super Dungeon Explore stuff, Bossmonster, etc...)
BG Bucks

No reasonable offers refused!  These have obviously been sitting around doing me no good, if you are interested, odds are you have something similar in your closet!  I also have a handful of other cards I will throw in too!  And by handful, I mean like literally 6-8...