Author Topic: H: Large Dwarf Army W:IG/Marine/necron/vc/de/tk/store credit  (Read 1288 times)


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H: Large Dwarf Army W:IG/Marine/necron/vc/de/tk/store credit
« on: March 21, 2015, 05:29:29 PM »
Hey Guys I would like to trade the Following Dwarf Army my wants are at the bottom
(Not looking to part out )

Dwarf Haves
Retail Value ($1106.75)
1.) Lord on Shield Bearers (Painted Well)
2.) Belegar Ironhammer (Painted well)
3.) Grimm Burlokson (Bare)
4.) Thane on foot (Painted Well) (Metal)
5.) Thane Bsb (Painted Well) (Metal)
6.) 2x Runesmiths (Painted Well) (MEtal)
7.) Thane on foot HW/S (Bare Metal)
8.) Thane (Bare Skull Pass)
9.) Joeseph Bugman (Bare Metal)
10.) 12x Irondrakes (Bare Plastic)
11.) 28x Iron Breakers (some painted most Primed Platics)
12.) Organ Gun (Painted Well)
13.) 3x Cannons (1 primed 2x well painted)
14.) 30x Hammerers (Bare Plastic)
15.) 31x GW Warriors (Painted Well to Bare Plastic)
16.) 22x Warriors HW/S (PAinted Well)
17.) 12x Quarrellers (Painted well to unassembled)
18.) 20x Thunderers (Painted well to primed)
19.) 50x Warriors hw/s (Misc condiditon paint to primer)
20.) 3x Last editon Gyro copters (2 missing landing skids) (2x magnetized rotors)
21.) Big bag of 100 or so warriors current edition to last edition plastics (Paint to primer)
22.) Current Army book
23.) Small Current rule book


$450 Store Credit

(Army Swaps must have Current book)

Just about anything Cadian or tempestus (I want this stuff the most)

I am on the fence about these guys hit me with an offer

Just about anything Current (although I do like the metal characters)

Vampire counts
I would like lots of black knights skeletons blood knights wolves hexwraiths but I am open to anything I don't want Nagash

Dark Elves
Make me an offer

Tomb Kings
I am interested as long as they are assembled very well and include 30+ halberd tombguard
I play
WHFB- Dwarves
WH40K- Tyranids
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