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Full size Space Marine army!
« on: April 02, 2016, 01:09:20 AM »
Just kind of testing the waters here, looking to downsize the collection so I can make room for more AdMech in either 30k or 40k flavors.

What I have is a full-size Salamanders-themed SM army, WYSIWYG minimum points totals at 4803 points, which can easily be brought up to probably around 6k points maximum.

Looking for straight-up store credit or trades for AdMech units. Feel free to shoot me a PM or talk to me at the Plainville store on Tuesdays if you have questions or want to work out a price for something. I am willing to part units out as needed.


-Bray'arth Ashmantle (FW)
-Damocles Command Rhino (FW)
-Captain (metal model, good use for Chapter Master Tu'Shan)
-Captain Pellas Mir'san (FW)
-Chaplain (metal model)
-Master of the Apothecary Harath Shen (FW)
-Techmarine (four servitors as well; heavy bolter, plasma cannon, two servo arms)
-Vulkan He'stan


-Honour Guard (minor kitbash from Grey Knight Paladins)
-Sternguard Veteran Squad (ten models)
-Terminator Assault Squad (five models)
-Vanguard Veteran squad (five models)


-Scout Squad (nine models, not GW models)
-Tactical Squad (ten models)
-Tactical Squad (five models)

Fast Attack

-Assault Squad (no packs)
-Stormtalon Gunship

Heavy Support

-Deimos Predator (FW, I use a Leman Russ stand-in)
-Devastator Squad (five models, missile launchers x4)
-Devastator Squad (five models, heavy bolters x4)
-Land Raider Crusader (metal model)
-Land Raider Redeemer
-Land Raider Helios (FW)
-Land Raider (standard, swaps out w/ Helios by taking the missile launchers)
-Stormraven Gunship (still unassembled in box)
-Thunderfire Cannon

Lord of War

-Fellblade Super-Heavy tank (FW, currently using a Shadowsword since I can't afford the actual model)
Due to some screwup in their gene-seed genetic radiation protection, all Salamanders are black...We're talking coal black, pitch black, hexadecimal code #000000, the missing word in the phrase " the void of space." That kind of black. With glowing red eyes.