Author Topic: D&D 5e 1 player needed! The Mines of Arad-Tuil  (Read 1241 times)


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D&D 5e 1 player needed! The Mines of Arad-Tuil
« on: September 29, 2016, 08:45:28 PM »
We are starting the campaign and we are looking for one more player to join us on a long term adventure called " The Mines of Arab-Tuil." Here is an excerpt of the story's background:
The current age has no all-encompassing empire. The world is shrouded in a

dark age, between the collapse of the last great empire and the rise of the next, which might be centuries away. Minor kingdoms prosper - baronies, holdings, city-states. Each settlement appears as a point of light in the widespread darkness, a haven, an island of civilization in the wilderness that covers the world.

"In the current Era, empires rise and crumble, leaving few places that have not been touched by their grandeur. Ruin, time, and natural forces eventually claim all. Ancient civilizations and their knowledge survive in legends, artifacts, and the ruins they left behind. The great races of the world— Humans, Dwarves, Elves and Halflings are commonly found living together in the towns and cities of Asgeroth. Other races, including Dragonborn, Half-Orcs, Half Elves and Tieflings, are in decline, heirs of ancient empires long forgotten. Uncivilized beings such as Goblins, Orcs, Gnolls, Kobolds and hobgoblins have established organized societies and “holes” of their own.

Many Wars have raged throughout the years, leaving behind its scars and marks that are still apparent for those keen enough to see. Some say, this is a time of prosperity and growth while others hide in narrow alleys afraid of their own shadows. One thing is certain, the air in Asgaroth feels different. Dark clouds roam the peaks of the mountains in the West. Some say a new evil is lurking in the deepest and darkest of places. A new omen has been felt by the Larian High Priests, one that makes their very souls sheer in agony.

In the midst of it all, a royal wedding seemed to have brought joy in the eastern Region of Endor. The ultimate bond is about to unite the two most powerfull Houses of Endor; his Majesty, Eberron the V, the King of Lara, the most prosperous human city in the east and her Ladyship Ellen Bran of Alanor. Heroes and royal Houses have all gathered from all over Asgeroth to give their blessings... or disapproval. "

Game Schedule: The Game will be played every Sunday from 6pm - 9:30/10pm at 6 Highpoint Circle, Quincy MA 02169. We will be playing at the main office where a business center is located. It is a large white building in the center of the Highpoint Apartments Condo. The first session will be held on OCT 2nd (this upcoming Sunday) at 6pm.