Store Photos


Opened in 2002, Battleground Games & Hobbies, Abington, has seen more games played within its walls than you could possibly imagine. Having been around for so long, the community at Abington is well-established and extremely welcoming. There is also a deeply stocked inventory and a quick turn around rate for items you can’t find on our shelves. Most of the store is given over to free play space that customers are welcome to use at any time, including a private game room in the back that is perfect for role-playing groups.


Opened in 2010, Battleground Games & Hobbies, Plainville, really upped the ante for the community tournament scene. With a huge amount of space for tournaments and open gaming, our Plainville location has become the focal point for most of Battleground’s larger and more competitive tournaments. Furthermore, Battleground Plainville is home to a large and wonderful group of regulars who help to make the store a place for all gamers to find a welcoming place to play and meet great new people.