Author Topic: Shadowrun Missions Abington 11/17  (Read 2181 times)


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Shadowrun Missions Abington 11/17
« on: November 13, 2016, 04:06:00 PM »
Hey everyone im going to be running the Shadowrun Missions which are like DnD's old living campaigns whith new modules each month to run through. This month we'll start with

Chasin' the Wind

It’s been nearly twenty years since disaster struck the city of Chicago, transforming it into an urban hellscape, and some people now believe it’s suffered enough. The Governor of Illinois has initiated and ambitious plan called Project: Takeback to reclaim the feral urban jungle. What’s more, he’s put money into the effort, and that’s the language every corporation on Earth understands. Suddenly, the race is on as the megacorps scramble to claim pieces of the Windy City. They’ll be butting up against the dangers of the Containment Zone and each other, so they’re going to need all sorts of deniable assets. The shadows of Chicago are coming back to life.

In Chasin’ the Wind, what starts as a simple run into the Containment Zone gets more complicated by the minute, and before the night is over shadowrunners might encounter rogue assassins, a feral runaway, and a mysterious massacre in the heart of one of the worst urban areas in the world. But if they survive, there’s more than just pay waiting for them at the end. There’s pizza—Chicago-style.

One session starting at around 6-630, for people. I'll be there and hour early if pople would like to create a character for it.