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Valkyrie into Stormraven
« on: February 24, 2011, 11:14:53 AM »
Been taking a look at the Stromraven.
I've been wondering how could I convert my valkyrie into one? Wings are about the same and I've got an old airplane model I could use for the  engines if I didn't want to use the valkyrie ones. The autocannons could be made maybe out of small tubing, or I could easily go w/ the lascannons.
The bigest thing I see is the body:Flip the body around on the valkyrie and mount wings backwards? The valkyrie currently is painted and configured w/ lascannons and hvy bolters on sides.The airplane model  is an F-15E Strike Eagle.The scale is slightly off at 1/48th

Anyone have other ideas?

Stormraven (

Valkyrie (

F-15E Strike Eagle (
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