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In need of players badly
« on: July 24, 2008, 09:01:27 PM »
Hi all.  My group has slimed way down.  Some people have moved, others new jobs, facts of life.
I am trying to hold the 3 different groups together thu, but its tuff.  We need some new players.
We play in walpole at my house.  We play on thrusday nite, sat afternoon, and sunday nite.  We play all types of RPG, but right now, 3.5 is running on both thusday, with one GM, and sat as I am the gm then, and sunday we play a sci fi game whish is comeing to a close.  I will be GM the next sunday nite game.  So we are in need.  experianced or not you are welcome.  If you are a game master and want to play for a change join us.  if you want to run something I can promise you you will be able to soon.  Please contact me, tom at