Author Topic: Character Journal: Norgond the Dwarf Ratcatcher (1st Career) (Deceased)  (Read 1452 times)


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We set off from the triple feather in search of some places marked on a map. As we worked are way thru the forest, I hit a trip wire and goblins attacked us. I unluckily got hit so hard it broke my tankard as a goblin basically nut shot me and I fell unconscious. (For the second time this adventure ugh). After being woken up we continued on our way and arrived at a big stone.  After moving the stone, the elf and I advanced down the stairwell into a room which had a trip wire we found, I used my rat pole to set off the trap, which proceeded to collapse the tunnel on the other side. (Why does bad stuff always happen to me). After the elf went back up to tell the rest of party, I went to the part of the tunnel that collapse and managed to find a red gem and 98 gold nuggets (Cha Ching). We decided to dig at the cave in to get to other side of it. Once down there we went and investigated a room that looked like a place where people get food, but found nothing our first time looking. We came back to the main room and went down the left tunnel, but found nothing in the room at the bottom of the tunnel other then some shovels. When we went down the right tunnel, the human pit fighter noticed a huge spider on the wall (Eww Spider) that came down and I missed getting out of the way and took a blow to the face which paralyzed me and knocked me out of combat. (For the third time this adventure). After the group killed spider, we went back to the first room we searched and the elf found a key type stone with a dwarven rune on it. We inserted it in the wall space and the water drained away showing a door. I took the key and inserted it in the door and opened it, finding some vials of weird liquid. After this we headed off to the third x on the map. As we traveled through foot hills we saw a caravan that we stayed away from as we traveled. As we got to the third x, we saw foot marks of a big creature but didnít see one in the area. I went down the stairs to find sludge so we tried digging at other locations but I fell into muck twice (Why Me!). During digging one of the holes a swamp troll came and the Pit Fighter did some kind of voodoo to cut the troll clean in half with one swing (Never saw something like this before). He took the shoulders for padding. As we traveled to the fourth x we came across another caravan that looked awkward as the soldiers werenít dressed correctly and the prisoners looked like they should be soldiers. We followed them for a while until they turned different way from the prison. Our pit fighter got interested and decided to pursue, I followed him as I had nothing to lose. After talking with him we found out he was holding imperial soldiers for ransom, and he invited us to some inn in Midenheim. From there we set back off to the fourth x and with that we ended the night.
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