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Submitting your first turn.
« on: July 01, 2013, 12:28:29 AM »
As you noticed under the various planetary listings, you'll need to report your army movements for the turn. Additionally your empire will generate 1500 points on your first turn (1000 as standard, and 500 for your generator). This number may change next turn if you lose a generator. In order to build anything you'll need to indicate how many points your spending, at what tile you want to build it on in your territory and what it is.

Build 1500 point Standard army at 15.
Build Bastion at 12.

If you build in a space that is taken from you by an enemy player later in the turn then you will simply be refunded the points you spent.

As a reminder, in order to challenge another player you need to move into their empire. In order to respond to a challenge you need to have an army in your own empire.

The below is a repeat of what you see in the other planetary threads for sake of reference:
How to register for your turn:
Please send me a private message either through the forum, or to my email at with the following.
Please put: Storms and Shadows: [planet name] in the starting line

Inside the email:
[Army Name] at [current tile] will move to [destination tile]. If it is going to attempt a bombing run, or take any other specific action (like refill points at a bastion) please indicate so.

S1 at 7 will move to 11.
W1 at 25 will move to 29 for a bombing run.
S2 will stay at 10 with the Bastion and refill to 2000 points from my bank.

If you feel there are any errors on the map, please contact me immediately so I can correct them. Any corrections will be sent to all participants to check if any movement corrections need to be made.
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