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Lucky 13 Rulings
« on: May 26, 2009, 03:02:30 PM »
 Here I hope to discuss and announce rulings for any and all Lucky 13 Campaign events.
This is in most part an overall vote and if you make a good point, or simply an oversight I missed, please post it here. Please note also that sometimes GW updates and changes thier campaigns as well. When/if this happens rulings may change as well.
 The megabattle scenarios are divided into Chapters. Chapter 1 is already in effect and Chpater 2 is coming on June 13th. With discussions made, the vote to end the chapter  scenario when the next chapter is released seems to be a fair one for those that have been taking place from the start, without taking away from those that have not. Below are the listed battle releases for the chapters.

Chapter 1 May 9th
Chapter 2 June 13th
Chapter 3 July 18th
Chapter 4 Aug 22nd
Chapter 5 Sept 26th
Chapter 6 Nov 7th

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