Author Topic: There is about 6 hours left in the day, are we gonna get an update soon?  (Read 1923 times)


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Grand Master Steve

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I had to be a pain but I agree I need to know if my warp jump was successful or not


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Pitchforks! Torches!......wait. Gamers. Socks full of D20s! Flaming cans of Axe spray!
I do have a problem with Vulcan twin-linking every non-UltraMarine whatever-gun on the table.
Thank you for this Chase


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Yea this is getting a little out of hand, every week a delay and now this week is an unannounced two day delay. If Nick can't update the map in a timely manner then maybe Derek should do it. These constant inconsistencies are unfortunately effecting my decision to play in any future BG campaigns.

Nick Hough

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Hi guys, they are going up now. Unfortunately turns are being submitted by 6 pm now. I would prefer that everyone get moves to me, so I wait as late as I can. The store has become to crazy at night and I have to update at home.
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