Author Topic: [W] Stormclaw Warboss [H] Orks, Store Credit, Painting Commission  (Read 1203 times)

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For those of you out there that are buying multiple Stormclaw sets and will have some extra models, I am looking to get one of the Warbosses.  I can offer the usual Spacebucks, or if you are an Ork player, we can trade some models.  Also, I do not do commission work, but I will paint (and do minor mod work) an HQ/Character/Any other Miniature in trade for one.

Just a note, I am not interested in splitting a set with someone.  As an Ork player, I already have more Grots, Nobs, and Kans than I need.  It is just the Warboss looks good and should be fun to paint.

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