Author Topic: Established party looking for new blood to add too the campaign  (Read 1269 times)


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    We are a 4 person party with a DM who has played 40 weeks out of the last 52.. Awesome completely original campaign that is role play rich.  This story could be a book that I would buy in a second.  Tons of intrigue, NPC's with depth.. And our DM doesn't do favors.. You die when you should die.  We have had our share fallen Freinds.   We are in the middle of something epic and we seek help.  Truth be told, I have played for almost 15 years and have not played in a game like this.  It's the game we all hope to be a part of.   We are looking not just for anyone.. We are looking for a role player.  Lots of "players" out there but we want someone who doesn't just told the dice.. We want someone who can appreciate a good story and can add to it. Email me directly if your interested.

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