Author Topic: Character Journal: Tom Lyden (Human) Templar of Shallaya  (Read 1471 times)


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Character Journal: Tom Lyden (Human) Templar of Shallaya
« on: October 15, 2012, 09:48:20 AM »
Tom Lyden was your average adventurer, leaving his home after a harsh winter took the life of his wife, and new born daughter. He sold his animals and land and started walking. The spring was warm and inviting as the road before him wound its way through the countryside of the Empire. A year or so passed and Tom, found money could be made by acting as a caravan guard, or helping in various inns and taverns. He even adventured every now and then when he heard rumors of lost treasures or fame and fortune...

Days turned into months and months into years and soon the pain of his family's loss lessened and Tom began to feel warmth in his heart for an orphan girl at a local shelter in Marienburg. He never adopted her but whenever he was in town he would spend days on end caring for the young girl. He never missed her birthday, and would always come to the city to visit when he was close by.

On Samantha's 9th birthday, Tom came to visit bringing with him a gift she would never expect. He knocked on the door of the orphanage and asked to speak with the head matron keeper. Being escorted into the matron keeper's chamber he stood in silence as she read the document he brought forth. Looking up from the document she said "I know you have grown fond of Samantha, but what makes you think…" before she could finish Tom smile and placed on the table a small chest and opened it. The Head Matron Keeper was awe struck and bewildered at what was being offered. She stood and looked at Tom square in the face and said "Our home has always been a burden on the pockets of those who donate, the city barely keeps our doors open and here you stand with the ability to end those problems in one gracious offer." Tom smiled in response and stated "Matron Keeper, this is only half of my life's fortune, and while it is only a part of it, I have no use for it if I cannot help those I care for." The Head Matron Keeper looked again at the sincerity in Toms eyes and smiled. I will be right back sir…please make yourself at home here." And with that the Head Matron Keeper left the room.

A few minutes later the door opened up and the Head Matron Keeper entered followed by a small girl that Tom had grown to know and love. The Head Matron Keeper knelt down by Samantha's side and said Tom here wants you to come and live with him, he wants to be your father. What do you think about that Samantha?" The young girls eyes lit up and she smiled from ear to ear. Before leaving her spot she looked over at the Head Matron Keeper, who smiled brightly and nodded. Samantha burst out running and leapt up into Tom’s arms and the two hugged more tightly than ever before.

"Do you wish to be my daughter Sam?" Tom said to her while they hugged

"Yes very much sir." She replied.

"Call me Father Samantha…call me father" He spoke with tears streaming down his eyes

The Head Matron Keeper could not conceal her joy as tears of happiness flowed freely. After a short time Samantha had packed her only belongings and took Toms hand and headed out into a brand new world, one she had never expected to experience. Tom on the other hand rediscovered the joy of being a father and healing the rift in his torn heart.

The sun began to set has the two walked hand and hand to their new home in the city. Tom had spent almost all of his fortune on the home and on the orphanage, but his life was complete. The home he bought was a two story property with a small garden out front and a stable in the rear. When they got to the front gate, Tom noticed that the front door was open and there was torch light coming from inside. "I want you to stay here Samantha." He said nervously. She nodded and held onto the small wrought iron fence that surrounded their home. Slowly Tom advanced inside the house. Looking around he noticed the place had been sacked and certain things of value were missing. Continuing through the house he made his way upstairs. Again he saw more turned over furniture and damage to his new home. He began his way down the stairs to the back of the house.

Meanwhile Samantha heard the sounds of two horses coming from around the corner and seeing torchlight back there she ran down the small alley to the rear of the house saying "Father, Do we have ponies?" It was then she screamed and realized the person holding the torch was not her new father but a thug carrying a sack or stolen goods. The man grabbed the girl as she screamed and held her tight under one arm.

Hearing the scream of Samantha, Tom burst through the back door of his home into the stable and before him stood a masked man holding his daughter. Drawing his sword Tom demanded that he release the girl.

The thug laughed and responded "Well well well…seems we have a little dilemma…you see I need to get out the gate to the right of you and I have your little girl. Now mate just put down your blade and go back in the house, and your little girl will come with me to the front of the house where I will let her go and you and your family will be safe."

Tom looked fierce with his blade, held like a professional and was not moving. "Better yet scum, drop what you stole from me and hand over the girl and you will at least live to see the end of a rope." Tom said defiantly.

"No go mate…you see I don't much like the feel of a rope round me neck. But here catch" the thief said as he lofted the bag of stolen goods high into the air in Tom's direction. Taking his eyes off his prey he watched the bag of items begin to open in the air and fall towards him. At that very moment the thief pushed Samantha from his grip and ran for the gate.

Out of the corner of his eye Tom saw the movement of the thief and lunged forward with his sword and felt the business end find its target. But to his bewildered look he watched the thief continue his run unhampered out the gate and out of site. But still he felt the weight of something on the end of his blade. Slowly he turned and stood shocked and stunned at the little girl slumped over the blade, her blood draining out all over his blade and the ground. Dropping the blade instantly, Samantha body slumped to the group and fell backwards her eyes open and cloudy.

His body shook violently with disbelief at the horrid crime he had just committed. For the second time in his life his family had been taken from him. Although this time it was not at the hands of the elements but by his hand alone.

Picking up the body of the girl he walked into the street yelling for help. By the time the guards had arrived there was nothing that could be done. He was not found guilty by the courts, but Tom's life was void in his own eyes. He sold his house, belongings and left Marienburg forever. So guilty was his soul that he did not eat or drink for a month.

On a lone road traveling east a priestess notices Tom's body lying in a ditch half covered in mud. It took the priest all of his might to lift the empty shell of a man out onto the road. Tom suffered from a fever of the mind, and hunger of the body. The priest did what he could and loaded the man on his cart and took him to Couronne, the city where Shallya's Head temple was. For two months Tom laid in a white linen bed, being nursed back from death by the Sisters of the White Dove. Finally able to move and walk on his own, Tom spent days on end praying in the main sanctuary dedicated to the goddess of healing, mercy and peace. He prayed for forgiveness of his adopted daughter, forgiveness that he she should still be alive and well. He prayed for his soul and to find a way to bring back his shattered heart, and sorrow filled soul.

Another year had passed and Tom had become a common face in the temple and friendly with the priestesses and sisters of the Goddess who healed his wounds. A priestess approached Tom and spoke in a peaceful and lifting tone. "It is your time Tom; the pools of Shallya are open to you this day." Tom nodded and walked out to the stepping pools that flow just outside the temple. Disrobing to his underclothes he stepped into the pool. Plunging under the water three times as dictated by the priestess is when Tom's life changed for the third time.

It was now, that Shallya opened his eyes and reveal herself to him.  "Be a champion for me Tom" she spoke softly, with a single tear falling from her eye

"How can I be…I murder children I will never lift a sword again" Tom spoke out.

"I have healed you of your woes; now allow me to show you my vision." The goddess responded; and with that Tom's mind flooded with visions of a group of knights defending the weak and upholding the deepest strictures of Shallaya and bringing healing to the world. He saw the crest of the Dove on their clothing and protective robes.

Shallaya spoke once again. "Wield not a blade for me, Tom. Wield for me a staff of healing and of defense for the weak and ill." The vision faded suddenly as Tom surface from the waters in the pool.

Here starts Tom Lyden, Knight of the Healing Dove, new life, and new fate…..
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