Author Topic: Cleaning House: H - Fantasy, 40k, warmachine/hordes W- Store Credit  (Read 1481 times)


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Big life changes, need to consolidate hobby life.  Selling as whole groups.  I am ballparking how much storecredit I want, My true goal is to get it out of my house...Motivated seller so make an offer.

all gone
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Pm sent


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i'll take the marines
Name: Bryan "spoon" Dupuis
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Tyranids 4000 points
Dark Eldar 5000 points
Sons of Solomon (ultramarines) 4000


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I'm interested in the Demons if they're still available.
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PM sent

Warhammer 40k
6,914 pts Waaagh Dakkagut (Goff Orks)
4,913 pts Dark Angels 

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Khador stuff have the cards?

Demons are awesome by the way.  Love the old metal horrors... Going to look great being summoned by a radical inquisitor with demon blade in for fun games.