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H:Ogre Kingdoms W: $225 Store Credit/Lizardmen/Empire
« on: June 02, 2014, 01:57:51 PM »
Hey Guys I can make plainville the easiest here is what I have
Most is painted (not very well and not by me) however it is thin paint and can easily be primed over or painted right over

1.) Ogre Kingdoms Army book (Current)
2.) Butcher (Metal) (Bare)
3.) 11x Iron Guts
4.) 13x Bulls (Iron Fists)
5.) 2x Iron Blasters (Bare Plastic)
6.) 4x Mournfang Cav
7.) 3x Butchers (Converted from bulls)
8.) 4x Lead Belchers

I am looking for the following

1.) Slaan (Metal Preferably)
2.) 3-6x Ripper dactyls
3.) 10x Cold one Cavalry (HW/S)
4.) 1x Ancient Stegadon (Blowpipes) (Plastic)
5.) Skink chief (HW/S) (the one with the helmet preferably metal)
6.) Skink Chief with feather cloak
7.) 20-30x Skinks (blowpipes)
8.) 5-10x Chameleon Skinks
9.) 10x Temple Guard (Plastics) (Non Command)
10.) 30x Saurus Warriors (HW/S)
11.) Tiqtaqto
I will consider other stuff too just PM me

1.) Kurt Helborg (MEtal)
2.) Captain with Gory Sword
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