Author Topic: Grey Knight, Dark Angels and Imperial Guard For Sale: Updated *12/29/14*  (Read 1044 times)


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Hello everyone.
I have some Grey Knights for sale if anyone is interested:
5x Dark Angel Veterans-$15
10x Grey Knight Paladin/ Terminators models-$50
1x Lord Kaldor Draigo model-$15
1x Grey Knight Dreadknight Model-$20
1x Grey Knight Dreadnought Model-$20
1x Grey Knight 6th Edition Codex-$10
1x Grey Knight Data Cards-$5
2x Imperial Guard Storm Troopers-$5
Total: $50-$75 For all Grey Knights models.

All Models come with the spare parts.
I am also willing to sell the models individually if you DM to ask for a price.
Please DM me with information on item specifics and negotiating prices. I would prefer to get store credit or cash. If you would like to trade, I am interested in Militarum Tempestus or Imperial Knight items. I would prefer to go to the Abington Store.
Thank you for your time.
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