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Into The Darkness: Sabbat and Garou (LARP)
« on: January 25, 2015, 01:46:25 PM »
Welcome Back to the World of Darkness
The Vampires Don’t Sparkle, the Werewolves don’t transform into big cuddly puppies. This is a world where the beast within fights a war with morality, technological improvements, global warming, and choices of personal gain. Where the prize ranges from the future of the planet, to personal survival, to ascension. Welcome to the Truth that really rules the world. Can you handle the truth? The World of Darkness is like an onion, how many layers of deception can your mind handle before turning in on itself? Those that know too much are sometimes the people you find sitting in the darkness talking to themselves and staring at things that are not there.
Lately in the area the last few months have revealed Occult items of unknown power entering Massachusetts. Some of these items have found their way into Garou and Kindred hands as well as the hands of their enemies. A form of death cult found one and a pack of Black Spiral Dancers that cut a swath across the Middle East and Southern Europe have been hunting items whose connection is tenuous, have arrived in the states. One of the Occult leaders in the area identified two of the items as belonging to the “Raiment's of the Hand of God”, yet another one calls them the “Raiment's of Creation”
As well as things that are happening in the area, each of the supernatural beings in the area have to put their houses in order. The Garou need to dedicate a holy site of power. While the Sword of Caine, and the Archbishop of the area needs a place to feel proud about holding court.
This late night Live Action Role Playing event has story for experienced characters, as well as pre-generated characters for those who may be new to the genre but like the stories of things that lurk just out of sight of the modern paradigm. This is a multi-night event starting at midnight. Costuming is encouraged, Items that could be construed as actual weapons are not. This is essentially Live Action improvisational theater. Character sheets are the tools that you use to interact on a conflict level, you breathe the life into that character and interact with other people who are creating their own personas. Some of you may have heard that gaming is all about “Role Playing” not “Roll Playing” that is the key to Mind’s Eye Theater.

This game is affiliated with One World By Night.  OWBN players may bring their characters and pre-generated characters are also available.
Hosting Storytellers: Jason O’Haver & Mark Ganim
We regularly host the game on the first and second Saturday of the Month.  Sabbat is held on the first Saturday and Garou is held on the second.  Pre-game starts at 2:00pm and game begins promtley a at 3:00pm.  The game is held at Boggarts (which is a bar) and can be found accross the street from the CVS in Bridgewater center (14 Summer St, Bridgewater, MA 02324). 

We are hosting an event game (Total Confusion) at Total Con this year, which will take the place of our regularly schedualed games for the Month of Feburary.

When: February 20th & 21st from 11pm-4am
Where: Holiday Inn Mansfield