Author Topic: Have Space Marines Looking for BG $$ or Necrons  (Read 1154 times)


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Have Space Marines Looking for BG $$ or Necrons
« on: May 06, 2015, 07:43:55 PM »
Hey all. So I am getting back into 40K, but I can't bring myself to paint any more marines. I finally settled on Necrons, so here's what I have to get rid of:

Crimson Fists

Most models have actual crimson fist shoulder pads on the left arm.

Chapter Master Pedro Kantor (no flag attached to backpack)
Librarian (New sculpt. Cherub removed.)
Techmarine w Full Servo-Harness (finecast)
Tactical Squad (10 man. Sgt w Power Fist/Combi-Grav. Plasma Gun/Heavy Bolter)
Tactical Squad (10 man. Sgt w Power Fist/Bolter. Plasma Gun/Heavy Bolter)
Devastator Squad (Sgt w Chainsword/Bolter. Heavy Bolter x4)
Devastator Squad (Sgt w Chainsword/Bolter. Missile Launcher x2/Lascannon x2)
Sternguard Squad (Sgt w Power Fist/Combi-Melta. 1 Combi-Grav. Heavy Bolter)[This is not a Sternguard box]
Sternguard Squad (Sgt w Power Fist/Bolter. 1 Combi-Grav. Heavy Bolter.)
Landspeeder (Heavy Bolter/Assault Cannon)
Vindicator (Converted Chaos Vindicator)

Space Marine Codex (current edition. Hardcover.)

Blood Angels

Chaplain (Blood Angels colors. Metal model with Storm Bolter.)
Blood Angels Tactical Squad (10 man. Sgt w Power Sword/Infernus Pistol. Meltagun/Heavy Flamer.)

Basically I'm looking for Necron stuff. I need
5 Immortals
5 Lychguard (warscythes)
6 Tomb Blades (gauss weapons)
2 Annihilation Barges (gauss cannons)

Im also looking for the Battleforce as long as it has Immortals and not Deathmarks.

BG credit is also good or a straight trade as well. I'm there usually on Tuesdays, but I work up the street and can get there almost anyday between 3pm and 6pm
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