Author Topic: Warhammer Fantasy Battles 8.5 Edition  (Read 3292 times)


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Warhammer Fantasy Battles 8.5 Edition
« on: July 22, 2015, 06:55:14 PM »
So, this new thread came to me while driving. Most Fantasy players would have been happy with a solid 9th edition BRB. While we know we will never get that, we can still use the 8th edition book to game with.

Nothing says we can't homebrew rule fixes.

Now I know some people will instantly scoff at the word homebrew, or house rules, ect ect. This thread is intended to help EVERYONE find a solid balance for our own edition:

WFB 8.5

Many of us are seasoned gamers, with multiple editions of experience under our belts. We have seen some of the best rules, and some of the worst. I propose using that experience to create our own FAQ/Errata to fix some glaring issues we have all seen across the BRB and various army books. All suggestions are welcome, and even if there is never a consensus on a 8.5 ed, maybe you can take some of these ideas back to your own groups to use. I have a long list, but I will only hit you with the main rules right now:

+1 to all single wound Calvary models.
Chariots can March.
If a Chariot charges a unit equipped with Spears, it loses all its Impact Hits as long as that unit did not move in the previous turn.

Someone had also mentioned to me that getting rid of Irresistible Force would balance magic a bit. I agree. That means, however, the miscast chart would need to be re-worked or gone. Thoughts on that? I always liked the idea of miscasts on spells you fail to cast.
You need a 7, you roll a 4.
Roll a D6 and consult the miscast chart. This could look like:

1: Safe, This Time- Nothing happens.
2: Drained Winds- All further spell attempts by this wizard receive a -1 to cast.
3: Wary Caster- This model cannot attempt to cast this spell next turn.
4: Distracted- This model cannot cast anymore spells this turn.
5: Ruptured Spell- This model receives 1 automatic Wound, with no Armor Saves allowed.
6: Broken Concentration- This model cannot cast anymore spells this turn, and this model cannot cast any spells next turn.
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Re: Warhammer Fantasy Battles 8.5 Edition
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2015, 08:02:49 PM »
I think chariot should use the base as a template when the charge + d3 for regular chariots d6 for scythed chariots should be bumped up a rarity