Author Topic: Tank Shock: The Renegade Foundries Part I - May 3rd + May 7th  (Read 961 times)


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To register for the TANK SHOCK: The Renegade Foundries campaign players must purchase a tank or monstrous creature from Battleground Games & Hobbies or pay a $15.00 entrance fee.

++++ May 3rd in Plainville ++++ May 7th in Abington ++++

Tank Shock: The Renegade Foundries Activity One is a Build & Paint event. Commanders (players) will get together to begin building their Command Tank (or monsterous creature) and start painting it in a striking scheme to mark it as a unique unit.

Commanders will register their army of choice on or before this date, and will be painting and assembling – but don’t worry – you’ve got an entire week to complete your build and paint it – because we’ll judge them on May 10th! You must bring your unpainted, unassembled vehicle or MC in to this event (or send us a picture of the unpainted, unassembled tank if you are unable to make it). No cheating, please.

For every TANK SHOCK event that players attend they will have a chance to win some swag in the form of TANK SHOCK related pins and tokens. They will also earn 1 roll on the Elite Vehicle Assets Chart for each event they attend.

Facebook Event Post + Full Details:
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