Author Topic: Tank Shock: The Renegade Foundries Part II: Armored Patrol - May 10 + May 14  (Read 2167 times)


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Tank Shock Part II - Armored Patrol

++++ May 10th in Plainville ++++ May 14th in Abington ++++

Tank Shock: The Renegade Foundries Activity Two: Armored Patrol. This is your first opportunity to put your command tank or creature into battle, with a 500 Point force. Commanders are required to field their command tank, so if you took something really cool like the Baneblade, that will be all you have on the table.

Three, 1-hour rounds will be played on a 4'x4' board. Much dieing.

Missions play is as Eternal War: Purge the Alien from the WH40K rulebook except the objective Slay the Warlord is obtained from the destruction of the command vehicle.

If you didnít participate in the Build and Paint event you can still play in the rest of the series Ė as long and your command vehicle complies with the unique unit identification rules.

To register for the TANK SHOCK: The Renegade Foundries campaign players must purchase a tank or monstrous creature (Start Collecting box?) from Battleground Games & Hobbies or pay a $15.00 entrance fee for the league.

If your command tank is fully painted and has the markings of a unique unit you will get 1 additional roll on the Elite Vehicle Assets Chart.

For every TANK SHOCK event that players attend they will have a chance to win some swag in the form of TANK SHOCK related pins and tokens. They will also earn 1 roll on the Elite Vehicle Assets Chart for each event they attend.

Facebook Event Post and Full Details:
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