Author Topic: Tank Shock: The Renegade Foundries Part IV: Operation Linebreaker - May 28th  (Read 2100 times)


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++++ May 28th at BOTH Plainville and Abington locations ++++

Tank Shock: The Renegade Foundries Activity Four: Operation Linebreaker.
Each commander will field a force consisting of 1000 points, including your Command Vehicle/ MC.
We will divide players up into teams and split them as evenly as possible between the Imperium & their Allies vs the Renegade Foundries & Forces of Destruction.

Commanders will play FOUR 1v1 games and record each result. At the end of the day, scores will be tallied to find the overall victor between sides.

Each round will feature a new Maelstrom of War mission. Everyone will play the same mission at the same time.

Rounds will last 1 hour and 15 minutes.
Games will be played on a 4'x4' board.
Players will be limited to 1 Combined Arms detachment.

For every TANK SHOCK event that players attend they will have a chance to win some swag in the form of TANK SHOCK related pins and tokens. They will also earn 1 roll on the Elite Vehicle Assets Chart for each event they attend.

Facebook Event Post and Full Details:
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