Author Topic: Tank Shock: The Renegade Foundries Part V: Brute Firepower - June 4th  (Read 1904 times)


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++++ June 4th at BOTH Plainville and Abington locations ++++

Tank Shock: The Renegade Foundries Activity Five: Brute Firepower.

This is a one day tournament consisting of 3 games at 1500 points. Players are limited to 1 Combined Arms detachment.

This event will have it's own entry fee of $15.00

Signup begins at 10:00am
Round 1 starts at 11am.
2 hour rounds.

Missions: Eternal War scenarios will be generated from the main WH40k Rulebook with the following exceptions:
Slay the Warlord can be scored twice 1x for Warlord, 1x for Command Tank.
Linebreaker is worth double if achieved with the Command Tank/MC.
First Blood is worth double if achieved with Command Tank/MC

Players are encourgaed to field multiples vehicles / MCs.

Facebook Event Post and Full Details:
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