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Behind the Shield – Episode 77 – “Introduce a Friend to X-Wing”

Today we start a month long series exploring how best to introduce your friends to the games you love. This week we feature a fantastic interview with Brian Frost full of great info about how to introduce people to X-Wing Minis. Some links from the interview:…her-part-1/…her-part-2/…g-part-one/…g-part-two/…rld-champ/…bombs-away/…l-veterans/



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Behind the Shield – Episode 76 – “Games of the Year”

This week the “Oscars of Boardgames” – the Spiel des Jahres – were announced in Germany. In response we talk about some of the winners and also talk about a whole bunch of other great board games we’ve been playing. The guest interview with Ben, Steven, Fred and Sam is especially worth listening to.



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Behind the Shield – Episode 75 – “Why We Do It”


We take on a big, important, topic today: Why do people game? From social interaction to the challenge of learning something new there are a lot of reasons that gaming is important to all of us at Battleground.



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Behind the Shield – Episode 74 – “60 Minutes of Devastation”

Amanda gets a chance to talk about the story of Hour of Devastation as well as the art and flavor that backs it up. She and Andrew are super bummed that they’re going to miss the Magic pre-release weekend, but are determined to provide our listeners with a lot of information about what’s going on and what’s coming out this week.



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