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Behind the Shield – Episode 110 – “Masters 25”

Joe joins Andrew and Amanda to talk about Masters 25 and all kinds of other Magic stuff releasing in the next month. We also have a brief interview with Jam in Saugus about the many events related to the release of Star Wars: Legion.



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Behind the Shield – Episode 105 – “Legions of Star Wars Tidbits”

Did you know that there’s a new Star Wars game coming out soon? Andrew and Amanda visit the Saugus location to get info from Jam. who is a little excited to say the least!



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Games Workshop Job Posting – Abington MA

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Do you love Warhammer and other Games Workshop games? Are you looking for a part time job?

Battleground in Abington is looking to hire a Games Workshop specialist. Please visit THIS LINK for more details.


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Behind the Shield – Episode 77 – “Introduce a Friend to X-Wing”

Today we start a month long series exploring how best to introduce your friends to the games you love. This week we feature a fantastic interview with Brian Frost full of great info about how to introduce people to X-Wing Minis. Some links from the interview:…her-part-1/…her-part-2/…g-part-one/…g-part-two/…rld-champ/…bombs-away/…l-veterans/



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Behind the Shield – Episode 71.2 – “A Podcast Continued”


Here is the promised second half of episode 71. During the Warhammer 40k 8th edition launch party in Abington Andrew interviews a bunch of people about 40k, the new edition, the new figures, the new rules and general painting and preparation.



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Behind the Shield – Episode 71.1 – “A Podcast Divided”


There is more going on at Battleground this week than can be contained in a single podcast so we’re splitting this week’s episode in two. In this first part we cover all the “what’s going on at Battleground” stuff you would expect in the first half of a normal episode. We also talk briefly about the massive Magic the Gathering infodump we got this week with news about Magic product coming out over the next year.



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