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Battleground in NORTON MA opens July 5th



Battleground Games & Hobbies is on to the next chapter! Our new location in Norton MA will be opening on Tuesday, July 5th, 2016 at 175 Mansfield Ave, Norton MA – The Greatwoods Plaza. Detail on the Grand Reopening will be coming soon.


The doors of our Plainville location will be closing after about 6 years on July 3rd.


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Battleground’s Black Friday + Small Business Saturday Sale


The sale will be going on at both locations from open to close (normal business hours) on Friday and Saturday.  We will not be holding any items and it’ll be first come, first served.

Additional items may be placed on sale Friday night and / or on Saturday so check back throughout the weekend.

Support your local gaming store this holiday season!


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Introducing ‘Pathfinder Battles: Iconic Heroes Set 4’


Just a quick announcement from WizKidz today:


“WizKids is pleased to unveil the latest release in their popular Pathfinder Battles: Iconic Heroes pre-painted figures series today. Pathfinder Battles: Iconic Heroes Set 4 includes six new figures for tabletop play, and a set of exclusive “Boon” cards specifically for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, all of which will arrive in retail on November 26. In the Iconic Heroes Box Set 4, players will encounter fan-favorite characters like Crowe the Human Battlerager, Lirianne the Half-Elf Gunslinger, Shardra the Dwarf Shaman, Kolo the Spirit Animal, Hakon the Human Skald, and Jirelle the Half-Elf Swashbuckler.”


Pathfinder Battles: Iconic Heroes Box Set 4 will be available in North American gaming shops in November, and is priced at a suggested $29.99 USD.


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‘Pathfinder’ to release two new books in April 2016


With the release of the new Dungeons and Dragons rule set, a lot of other RPGs probably found themselves taking a back seat. However, many of those systems are still alive and kicking. One such system is Pathfinder. And today, it was announced that Pathfinder has plans to release two new source books in April. These two new books will be called Ultimate Intrigue and Heaven Unleashed.


pathfinder ultimate intrigue core book

According to the report, Ultimate Intrigue was created from tons of input from the Pathfinder fan base. Pathfinder even had an “open playtesting cycle” to help make the book.


“The 256-page full-color hardcover book delves into the types of challenges that cannot be resolved through brute force or magic, but relies instead on social skills and clever plotting.”


In addition clearing things up, the book will also introduce a new core character class known as the Vigilante.


“[The Vigilatne] spends days as a respected member of society and nights avenging the downtrodden.”


Those who purchase the book will also find it to contain “new social-based character options for the game’s many skill-based character classes, rules for influencing community organizations, social combat and verbal dueling…”


The other new book, Heaven Unleashed, will be a new campaign setting that surrounds itself in politics and agendas of the celestial races. So, for you hardcore role players, this sounds like the best chance for you to show of your acting skills.


“Thirteen holy champions are featured in this 64-page, full-color softcover book, each with complete stat blocks, encounter notes and maps, and guidelines for encounters involving both good- and evil-aligned characters.”


Ultimate Intrigue will carry an MSRP of $44.99 and Heaven Unleashed will carry an MSRP of $22.99.


Both books are due out in April of 2016.


Source: ICv2


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Paizo Publishing Announces Expansion for Popular ‘Pathfinder Adventure Card Game’

Paizo Publishing has announced details for the next set for its popular Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: the Wrath of the Righteous Base Set and Character Add-On Deck will both release in April.

The Wrath of the Righteous Base Set will feature characters, locations, equipment, magic, monsters, and villains from the hellish demon battle-themed 2013 Pathfinder RPG Adventure Path of the same name.  The game offers seven character classes–including four new ones (arcanist, cavalier, inquisitor, and summoner).

The box will contain more than 500 cards and include six polyhedral dice (including the first d20 in the game), as well as The Worldwound Incursion Adventure Deck, the beginning of the Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path.  The game is for 1-4 players.



Like previous releases, there will also be a Character Add-On Deck as well as future monthly Adventure Decks.  The 110-card Character Add-On Deck expands the game to accommodate 5 – 6 players, and includes four new characters, including three new classes (bloodrager, hunter, and shaman).  It also includes more monsters and items to fill out the game.  The new classes and characters are fully compatible with previous Pathfinder Adventure Card Game releases.






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Visit Battleground Games & Hobbies TODAY for FREE RPG Day!






That’s right folks, join us TODAY at Battleground Games & Hobbies on June 21 for FREE RPG Day! What is FREE RPG Day, you ask? Well, FREE RPG Day is a day for you – our loyal customers – to stop on by and try out some new role-playing games and get some free swag; and who doesn’t like swag?




This annual event is especially fantastic for individuals who wish to give gaming – especially role-playing games – a try for the first time.


So join us TODAY, bring your friends, play some games and get some FREE stuff! We look forward to seeing you there!


Note: More details including a schedule of available games coming soon. Stay tuned to here or our Facebook page!




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