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Stay-at-Home Play

Due to the current Stay-at-Home advisory in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts all three Battleground Games and Hobbies locations are currently closed. During this temporary closure we are exploring a lot of different ways to keep our community alive and vibrant. There many ways we can interact socially while we are all isolated from each-other physically. 

Please do join our Discord server at: – people are gathering there to talk about games, show off hobby progress, and even chat while they play board games and RPGs online. 

Wizards of the Coast has provided us ways to work with our community even when our stores are closed. For Magic the Gathering players we have codes for unique card backs for use in Arena to give away each Friday – check our Facebook and Discord for details. There are also a number of resources available for DMs and D&D players online – check out We will be providing D&D fans a way to order books through our web store soon.

For fans of painting and modeling we are running an ongoing casual event: the “Cabin Fever” competition. Choose any model in your collection and let your imagination run wild. Post modeling progress to our social media and when we re-open bring your completed work in to show it off.

We’re also streaming a lot on our Twitch channel and welcome folks to the chat there so we don’t feel so alone. – any subscriptions or bits there go directly to Battleground.
Most of all stay safe and well.  We look forward to seeing everybody when we have our grand re-opening!


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Behind the Shield – Episode 68 – “Busy Times at Saugus”

Lots to talk about today! In the first half Andrew and Amanda try to summarize all the many, many events that go on in our stores every week. In the second half we interview Chase and Jam about the new Saugus store. Already Saugus is building a great north shore gaming community and we talk about plans and dreams for the new location.



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Behind the Shield – Episode 62 – “We Declare a Rune War”

April is really moving now! A bunch of cool events in the next couple weeks and an amazing new game from Fantasy Flight Games that just arrived. Check out all our coverage of Rune Wars.



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Behind the Shield – Episode 60 – “Carter and Snake Cats”

Join us as we welcome our newest Battleground crew member and talk about Amonkhet – the new Magic set that’s coming out in April.



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Behind the Shield – Episode 58 – “Mastering the Modern Masters”

The new Modern Masters 2017 set for Magic the Gathering releases this weekend and we have a whole lot to say about the set and a bunch of events going on at both locations! Also – Amanda and Andrew discuss Colt Express, which they got a chance to play during Pax East this past weekend.



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Behind the Shield – Episode 57 – “Scenes from a PAX”

PAX is one of our favorite parts of the entire year and now that it has come and gone here is a special podcast featuring interviews from every day of the show. Listen in wonder as Andrew becomes progressively more tired and incoherent.



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