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Behind the Shield – Episode 93 – “Hype for Unstable”

While most of the Battleground staff is away at PAX Unplugged Andrew and Amanda are all alone. We talk about our new Affiliate status for our Twitch stream and streaming plans. Then we talk about the Iconic Masters set that comes out in our stores this Friday and about the upcoming Unstable set of Magic cards that’s coming out next month.



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Behind the Shield – Episode 92- “Extra Life Post Mortem”


It looks like we’ve survived another Extra Life marathon. Andrew and Amanda talk about their experiences and we feature a lot of interviews from the Abington location while the marathon was going on.



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Behind the Shield – Episode 91 – “Extra Extra”

Extra Life is this coming weekend! Twenty five hours of gaming and giving. Amanda and Andrew talk about all the fun things that will be going on during the marathon and the games they’re looking forward to playing.



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