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Behind the Shield – Episode 115 – League and Pre-Release

This weekend is the Pre-Release for the new Magic the Gathering set “Dominaria.” We talks about how the Dominaria league that starts on April 30th is a little different from past leagues and also talk a whole lot about what to expect from the new cards and mechanics. If you like hearing from Jam and Joe in our Saugus location this is the episode for you!



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Behind the Shield – Episode 114 – “Interviews From Pax East 2018”

This week we have a series of interviews from Pax East. Every day is a new adventure as Andrew loses his voice and his mind. Enjoy!



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Stats for the Battleground Arena

Are you planning to attend the #BattlegroundArena at #PaxEast this year?  Click here to find out what characters are available from the newest set of D&D minis! #PaxEast2018


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Behind the Shield – Episode 113 – “Building a Booth”

Pax East 2018 is upon us. Andrew interviews Chase and Derek about preparation for the show and booth construction, and also interviews Andrew Kelble, one of the folks running the Battleground Arena at the show this year, about how the Arena works and what to expect from that.



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