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Turn Preowned Board Games and RPGs into Cash or Store Credit

Hi folks, do you have shelves, closets, or basements full of games and RPGs you may not play again? Want an easy, low effort shot at turning them into cash or store credit?

Help us help you! Turn in your preowned games to us at any store from now through March 18th and we’ll do our best to sell them for you.

This year, Battleground has sponsored an entire 2nd booth at PAX East in March dedicated to selling preowned board games and RPGs.

Simply fill out the form at this link for each game, and drop them off at the store whenever it’s convenient. The form will ask a series of questions about your game, allow you to set the price, and tell us where you’ll be dropping them off. That’s it! We’ll take it from there.

Fill out the form here.


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