Card Conditions

Near Mint / Mint (NM/M)

Cards in this condition are generally indistinguishable from a card taken from a newly opened booster pack. Near Mint/Mint cards are also unidentifiable in a deck of other unsleeved cards in the same condition. There should be minimal to no wear evident on the front or back of the card. Foils in this condition have little or no clouding or scuffing.


Lightly Played (LP)

Cards in this condition show signs of definite play in the form of minor wear. Most commonly, this occurs as border wear on the edges and corners of the cards. Small nicks and/or scuffing will result in a Lightly Played grading. Minor binder bending or slight loss of glossy sheen will likewise result in a LP grading. Foil cards that are graded in this condition will most commonly have some clouding, wear, or minor reduction of glossy shine. Cards that have been signed by the artist, a Pro Player, or other notable person will be graded as LP regardless of whether or not their actual condition is NM/M or LP.


Moderately Played (MP)

Moderately Played cards are those that show much more obvious signs of wear, but are still generally legal for use in tournament play if sleeved. These cards are typically graded in this condition due to moderate corner and/or border wear, whitening or clouding on the back or front of the card, shuffle creasing or heavy nicking, corrective inking, major binder bending, heavy scratching, or minor water damage.


Heavily Played (HP)

Cards in this condition show signs of major wear and are potentially unsuitable for tournament play. This may hold true even if the card is sleeved. We strongly recommend that you seek specific details about any HP card listing in the Battleground online store that you wish to purchase. We will do our best to respond to you as quickly as possible when making an inquiry about what specific damages an HP card listing has, and if, in our opinion, it is still useable in tournament play. Types of Heavily Played conditions include major corner and border wear, major whitening or clouding, serious creases or folds, writing on the card, white borders that have been colored with black marker to give the appearance of a black bordered card, dirt buildup, holes, tearing, major water damage, cards that appear to have been walked on or run over, or cards that have been thoroughly submerged in water and then dried.