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Battleground and COVID-19

Hello friends,

In light of the ongoing efforts to combat the COVID-19 crisis, Battleground Games & Hobbies wants to let all our customers know of the steps we are taking to keep you safe and changes to our operations over the coming weeks.

Effective Tuesday, March 17th, we will be closing our gaming area and canceling all events through April 7th. This is to encourage the recommended social distancing and help curb any possible spread of the virus. We feel this is the socially responsible thing to do to make sure we do our part in helping flatten the curve. Additional details about upcoming events will be forthcoming.

For now, our retail side of things remains open to provide you with some great options for your potential stay at home! We encourage you to come pick up a new board game, RPG, or miniature to paint. If you would like to grab a game but feel that you don’t want to come into the store, we are offering a curbside pick-up service. Simply call the store to see if we have what you want and you can pay over the phone. We will then come out and bring you your purchase when you pull up.

For those of you that do choose to shop in person with us, please know that we are implementing additional cleaning and sanitizing procedures multiple times throughout the day. All common surfaces are being regularly disinfected. We are working closely with our staff and making sure anyone feeling ill remains at home.

We will be monitoring the situation closely and if there are any further changes or mandates from the government we will address those quickly.

We wish everyone the best of health, and we hope to see everyone again on the flip side of this surreal experience.


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PAX East D&D Arena Characters

Please click the corresponding link below to see a list of characters / stat blocks from that set.


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Theros Beyond Death Prerelease Weekend, Jan 17th – 19th

Join us this weekend in Abington, Norton, or Saugus for the Theros Beyond Death Prerelease!

For more information visit our calendar (above) or our Facebook events page here.


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We’re Hiring! Sales Associate / Magic: The Gathering Community Organizer

Do you love all things Magic: The Gathering? Are you interested in a part time job? Battleground is hiring a Sales Associate / Magic: The Gathering Community Organizer at our Abington MA location.

Please visit this link for details:


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Hi folks, do you have shelves, closets, or basements full of games and RPGs you may not play again? Want an easy, low effort shot at turning them into cash or store credit?

Help us help you! Turn in your preowned games to us at any store from now through February 23rd and we’ll do our best to sell them for you.

This year, Battleground has sponsored an entire 2nd booth at PAX East at the end of February dedicated to selling preowned board games and RPGs.

Simply fill out the form at this link for each game, and drop them off at the store whenever it’s convenient. The form will ask a series of questions about your game, allow you to set the price, and tell us where you’ll be dropping them off. That’s it! We’ll take it from there.

Fill out the form here.


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Throne of Eldraine Prerelease – Abington

Join us this on the 27th, 28th, and 29th for an action packed weekend celebrating the Prerelease of Magic’s latest set, Throne of Eldraine.

Here’s a look at the schedule at the Abington location:


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