10 Year Anniversary Celebration

Battleground Games & Hobbies 10 Year Anniversary Celebration, June 29th and 30th in Abington MA


We have a fantastic weekend of events and prizes lined up for the 10 Year Anniversary Celebration of Battleground Games & Hobbies!  From Magic the Gathering, Warhammer, Dungeons & Dragons, Warmachine, Pokemon, Weiss Schwarz, Pathfinder, HeroClix, and a huge variety of board games we expect there will be more than enough to keep you busy for hours and hours.


Throughout the day on SATURDAY, we’ll be hosting a various demos, “mini events,” sales, raffles and giveaways. We’ve set aside a great selection of prize packages that will be available to everyone that walks through the door. However, the longer you stay and the more you play will increase your chances to win some of the sweet loot we’ll be raffling off.  Saturday is the day you can’t miss!


There are several ways to earn raffle tickets on Saturday, the 29th. Here’s how it works:


• Just for showing up, liking us on FB, and filling out one of our Battleground Gamer Cards you will receive three raffle tickets.

• If you participate in a demo, mini event, or just play a game for an hour or two you will earn an extra ticket.

• Anyone that wins one of our “mini events” throughout the day will earn more raffle tickets (in addition to other prize support dependent on each individual event).

• For every $10 you spend throughout the day, you will earn another raffle ticket.

• If you spend time running a demo for the store (talk to a store manager if you are interested, we’d love your help) you can earn up to three more raffle tickets.


Obviously, the more tickets you earn the better the chances you have to win one of our prize packages. Prize packages will be broken up into the four categories listed below. You can choose to split up your raffle tickets into the different prize package categories.


• Miniature Games (GW + WM/H)

• Card Games (Magc + Pokemon)

• Board Games

• Role-Playing Games (D&D + Pathfinder)


After all the category winners are announced we’ll pool all the remaining tickets and draw one more winner who will receive a $100.00 Gift Certificate.


On SUNDAY we’ll be bringing Battleground back to it’s roots with some good, old fashion, sword swinging, spell slinging, action in the form of the Pathfinder Arena!  Players will be able to buy into the arena by purchasing Pathfinder Battles booster packs or play for free by using one of the pregenerated characters provided.  100’s of people at PAX can’t be wrong, this is an event you’re going to want to be there for!


Furthermore, we’ll be doing smaller giveaway / raffles throughout the weekend that will be awarded to someone who is in the store when the item(s) are given out.  We’ve got TONS of cool stuff to give out for this weekend.  Come help us celebrate!