Cryptozoic Entertainment Announces New ‘DC Deck Building Game’ Releases for 2014

Last week, reported that at Toy Fair, Cryptozoic Entertainment shared two planned additions to its DC Comics Deck-Building Game for 2014: the Crisis Expansion in June and the stand-alone Forever Evil box in October.


The DC Deck-Building Game: Crisis Expansion Pack 1 introduces a new cooperative element to game play.  Players must team up to overcome the challenging events when one of the 15 crisis cards comes up.  There are also “Impossible Mode” super-villain challenges which are much tougher than their lesser counterparts.  The 60-card deck also includes 14 oversized super hero cards (including several new ones), and a rules sheet. As an expansion it requires one of the base decks to play and the deck releases in June.


DC Comics Deck-Building Game: Forever Evil will be a larger, stand-alone product; but compatible for play with previous editions.  Game play details have not yet been released, but the concentration will be on the ‘villains,’ since the heroes are all ‘dead’ in that DC cross-over event.  The release is planned for October.



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