Abington New Location Opens January 1st

Due to some unexpected delays, combined with a desire to avoid relocation so close to the holidays, Battleground Abington will be opening its new location on Tuesday, January 1st, 2013. It also seems a little wiser to open the store on the first day of a new year. Although we will be open for business, and hope that you’ll make the time to come down and check us out, expect that there will still be some work going on during that first week. Unlike opening a brand new store, moving a store presents some interesting challenges. Our plans are to keep the old location up and running until December 30th, at which point we’ll close the store and begin the major task of relocating our enormous inventory and all of our store fixtures and supplies. Volunteers are definitely welcome to come down and lend us a hand!


After we’ve moved in and the dust settles, we’ll announce our Grand Opening Party which will consist of a veritable┬áthree ring circus of gaming (or ten or twelve ring more likely), food & beverages, and TONS of prizes and giveaways!


The space is coming along quite nicely, and several Abington alumni have been instrumental in the construction of the new store. I’d like to thank Chad Kelble, Shaun “Earl” Macrae, Rich Curtin, and Andrew Kelble for lending us their expertise and skill. I really don’t know what I would have done without their dedication and craftsmanship!


If anyone is available and interested in volunteering to help us move on December 30 and December 31, send me an e-mail at derek@battlegroundgames.com and let me know your availability.


We’re almost at the finish line… or I guess, I should say, the starting line! See you there!