Ascension: Darkness Unleashed Now Available

The newest expansion for the popular Ascension deck building game is here! The story continues with Ascension: Darkness Unleashed, expanding where Ascension: Rise of Vigil left off and building upon the Energize mechanic, featuring all new cards including a brand new type of card: Transform cards.



Transform cards have two different forms.  They always begin the game in the deck in one of the forms, and once a certain condition is met – frequently a player reaching a particular energy threshold – they transform into their alternate form permanently!  All Transform cards are included in the set in two different versions – one copy of the card that has both versions printed on each side of a single card, so you can simply flip the card over when you transform it if you’re playing with sleeves.  There are also separate copies of each version of the card with the normal Ascension back which you can use if you choose to play without sleeving your copy of Ascension.


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