Check Out Tap ‘N Turn Gaming’s ‘Ravnica Battle of the Guilds’ Episode Two

Do you love Commander (Elder Dragon Highlander/EDH)? Then this is a video series you don’t want to miss, brought to you by local gaming group-turned media powerhouse TapNTurnGaming, in association with your’s truly – Battleground Games & Hobbies!


Check out Episode One – Rakdos Vs Dimir:


Wondering what this is all about? Check out the introduction to this great new series by TapNTurnGaming:

Finally, here is all the deck techs for the decks that TapNTurnGaming will be playing:


About TapNTurnGaming

From their YouTube Channel: We love Magic: The Gathering. Specifically the EDH or Commander format. On this channel we will be going over all sorts of things pertaining to our favorite format:

  • Deck Techs
  • Gameplay
  • Booster Openings
  • Set Reviews
  • Cards of the week

And anything else you, the viewers, may want to see – let us know!