Extra Life Cube Draft Parts 1 & 2

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At this year’s Extra Life event we were able to set up a live stream and record a lot of the action. Sadly, because we were so new at this, some of the footage didn’t make it. However, the action we did manage to save has finally shown itself. Here is part 1 of the draft portion:



And here is part 2:



In this video, we’re watching one of the Abington locals, Jon Kerman, in action. Feel free to comment how bad (or good) you think he did in the comment section. Please remember to be respectful and don’t flame him. He’s still trying to figure this game out. Check back in a few days where I’ll post the rest of his draft, and then I’ll release some of his game play.


PS. Don’t mind the other vids on my channel. As a freelance journalist, I sometimes host game trailers. Feel free to watch them as well. In the future we may start a Battleground channel to centralize the video content.