Fantasy Flight Announces New ‘Netrunner’ Expansion

Fantasy Flight Games will release the third deluxe expansion for its Android: Netrunner Living Card Game, Order and Chaos, in December, according to hobby news website

The expansion story focuses on the Weyland Consortium’s ambitions to take humanity to the stars, and the Anarch’s attempt to trash Weyland’s safeguards for that future.  The 165-card set (three copies each of 55 cards) focuses primarily on the Anarchs and Weyland Consortium, though all factions will find use for the new ice, assets, programs and resources, including six different neutral cards.  Both Anarch and Weyland factions gain three new identities for their decks.



Netrunner was the top hobby channel non-collectible card game in Spring 2014 and has been a top seller since it was re-launched in 2012.