IDW Games Announces ‘V-Wars’ Strategy Board Game

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IDW Games announced plans last week for a big box strategy board game adaptation of Jonathan Maberry’s prose series, and recent comic adaptation, V-Wars, designed by Rob Daviau, according to hobby industry news website

IDW launched a comic adaptation of the New York Times best-selling horror series on Free Comic Book Day.  Now they have tapped well known game designer Rob Daviau (Risk: Legacy, Betrayal at House on the Hill) to work with V-Wars author and creator Mayberry  to bring the V-Wars experience to the tabletop.

The story will pull from and add to the ongoing comic’s universe, with players taking the role of either humans or vampires in a struggle for dominance.  Though the game is still in development, release is planned for March 2015.


“[The game] …combines a lot of what I do and what interests me–combat, conflict, narrative, interesting choices, horror, and a fun world to play in,” said Daviau.  “I hope to be able to bring all the feeling of the stories and comics into the game.  It’s still early but I can already see chances for a lot of subterfuge and shifting goals.  Just because you start the game as a human, doesn’t mean you’ll end as one.”