Introducing the Junior Planeswalker Society – A Magic Program for Young People


The Junior Planeswalker Society is Battleground’s new program that is designed specifically to provide a fun, safe environment for kids who are interested playing or learning the trading card game Magic: The Gathering.

We believe tabletop games develop social skills and strategic thinking, and Battleground wants to help make these games available and accessible to the community. The Junior Planeswalkers Society aims to create a group setting to support young players, where they can make friends and improve their critical thinking, decision making, and problem solving skills. Our staff will be on hand to help, teach, coach, introduce, and play. No experience required!


The Junior Planeswalker Society will meet every Friday from 4:00pm – 7:00pm beginning October 7th.




This is a TOTALLY FREE event that will offer a structured, casual environment for young people to play Magic in, meet new people, and develop their skills.


The Junior Planeswalker Society will be taking place at both Battleground locations.


Please email, post, or call with questions.


Come play!