Journey into Nyx Event Deck List Revealed




Wizards of the Coat featured writer Mike McArtor revealed today on the packaging and full deck list of the up coming Journey into Nyx Event deck. Event decks are 60-card pre-constructed decks (including a 15-card sideboard) designed to be competitive for Friday Night Magic. In this case, the Journey into Nyx features a blue and red “burn” deck. Check it out!


Main Deck

60 cards

9  Island
4  Izzet Guildgate
12  Mountain

25 lands

1  Ætherling
1  Battlefield Thaumaturge
1  Chandra’s Phoenix
3  Guttersnipe
1  Ogre Battledriver
1  Oracle of Bones
4  Spellheart Chimera
3  Young Pyromancer

15 creatures

1  Anger of the Gods
2  Divination
1  Fated Conflagration
2  Flames of the Firebrand
1  Harness by Force
4  Lightning Strike
3  Magma Jet
1  Mizzium Mortars
2  Searing Blood
1  Steam Augury
2  Turn // Burn

20 other spells


2  Dispel
2  Elixir of Immortality
3  Essence Scatter
2  Flames of the Firebrand
3  Izzet Staticaster
3  Negate

15 sideboard cards


What do you think? Any of these cards exciting? Let us know in the comments below! Purchase this deck and customize it at Battleground Games & Hobbies!



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