Kickstarter Spotlight: ‘The Banner Saga: Warbands’

banner saga board game box cover


“A cooperative, miniatures board game that deals with the difficulties and consequences of decision making.”


If there was ever a board game you may need to own, this one might be the game. Check out “The Banner Saga: Warbands.” This also might be the first board game that I’ve seen where you don’t need any dice to play. It’s all about the decisions you and your team make, and the rest is in the cards you flip over.  The Banner Saga: Warbands is a fully cooperative game for 2-4 players. The point of the game is for players take up the role of the leaders in a warband tasked with keeping the warband together and alive.


banner saga minis

As of now the box will contain, “…a world map, 4 player boards, 12 bannermen & follower cards, 54 event and camp cards, 10 oversized skirmish cards, 10 mission cards, a skirmish board, 30 plastic miniatures and rules.” The game currently has 17 days to go, as of November 16th, and has made well over their original goal of $50K with a little over $116K. Those who back the Kickstarter can expect their game sometime in August of 2016. There hasn’t been any official announcement on if and when it will hit retail shelves.


banner saga tile sample

Source: ICv2