Magic 2013 Event Decks Release

The Magic 2013 Core Set Event Decks release today at Battleground! These decks are designed to be playable at Friday Night Magic and are a great way for new players to more quickly integrate into competitive play. There are two decks to choose from, “Repeat Performance” and “Sweet Revenge,” each focusing on a different play style.


Event decks are popular with experienced players as well, as they often contain several top playable or high value cards.


Wizards of the Coast has a great article outlining the details of each deck, including a detailed list of what cards you’ll find in them. The article also discusses the focus of the deck, tips on how you should play it, and what you can expect if things go your way. Here’s the link to that article.


In short, the one on the left is Repeat Performance: Your creatures arrive ready to battle, bringing friends and beneficial effects, then they return to your hand with the help of Roaring Primadox. And when you summon them again… more friends and benefits!


The one on the right is Sweet Revenge: Stoke the flames of the past with the “Sweet Revenge” deck. Just a few key creatures will distract your foes from your constant spellcasting escapades, while Burning Vengeance punishes them again with every flashback spell you cast.